Wales won, England far behind

I’m in welsh Wales – all the signs are bilingual. Though I never saw a ‘welcome to Wales’ sign but then my route has mostly been on tiny country roads, single track. Yesterday specialised in farm yards, not a single pub but maybe 8 farmyards complete with barking dogs and lots of cow pats.

My first tumble came in my final farmyard of the day, thankfully one without dogs or cowpats. I caught my front wheel in a sudden dip and over I went.

” I’m ok” I announced, to myself as (thankfully) no one was there to see me. And I was okay, just a small scrape on my elbow.

Not much time to blog, some just some stats: Top speed so far 31.7 miles an hour, biggest climb 2.5 miles up out of Ludlow, fastest wind don’t know but it was enough to blow me sideways and lift my helmet up off my head, it would have blown away had it not been for the chin strap!


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