Beautiful Blenheim hosts Triathlon

Yesterday's sunshine was a welcome relief after a very wet week and showed off  glorious Blenheim stately home at its best.  But I didn't go to potter around the gardens or meander round the State rooms. I went  to swim in the lake, cycle three times round the estate and run twice round the lake.... Continue Reading →

Open Water Swimming – First Time

Setting the alarm last night for 5.45am, the opening line for this blog post came to me, 'I have joined the lunatic fringe'! And yes, the notion of flinging myself into a freezing lake before 8am on a saturday morning did feel slightly insane. But it wasn't, it SO wasn't. First of all when we... Continue Reading →

Triathlon Joy!

Whoopee! We did it. The team of 5 triathlon 'newbies' triumphed on Sunday last  in Lichfield.  I think this picture captures some of our joy and relief. We had to leave home by about 6.15 to be there in time to register and get our transition areas all set up. Then we began in the pool.... Continue Reading →

Learning to Breathe

I've been working on my breathing... You'd think that after a near half century of breathing, I'd have mastered it by now. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale... exhale. The tricky bit is synchronising this action with the necessary front crawl actions of  'face in the water - exhale', then 'face out the water- inhale'. It's much... Continue Reading →

Coming Clean…

I'd like to make a confession.  For the last month or so I've been meaning to blog about something new in my life but saying this thing out loud (even in blog) feels a bit like being in one of those meetings that begin:  'Hello. My name is Sheila and I am an......  But this... Continue Reading →

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