Still learning to Swim

I have recently learnt to swim... again.I guess I must have learnt when I was very small because I have loads of memories of swimming but none whatsoever of  actually being taught to swim, which probably explains why I was never very good. Terror of being underwater isn't exactly an asset for successful swimming and had,... Continue Reading →

Today I swam to Revelation

and it was a blinking long way, I'm not doing that again for while! I don't mean I swam until I had a revelation (and jumped out the pool shrieking 'Eureka') I mean I swam to Revelation...from Genesis. From the first book of the Bible to the final one - 66 lengths. Any further and I'd have... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Swimming

Dory, the little blue fish in Finding Nemo has to be one of my favourite children's film characters. She suffers from amnesia and confusion but somehow manages to hold on to her friends, her sanity and her sense of purpose, summed up by her catch phrase 'Just Keep Swimming'. In other words when you're not... Continue Reading →

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