A Bundle of Beautiful Bobbyness

Wednesday 14th Dec: sadly a weary old Bob took his final road trip. He was gentle, uncomplaining and stoic to the end.

Bobby loved walks, he loved his Nan and all his humans. He loved his green dino, drinking from muddy puddles, sleeping on sofas or sleeping anywhere really. He came to love the car so long as he got to be in the ‘driver’ seat between us. He loved the open fields and the especially the stream which he visited every day. He wasn’t at all keen on boats so we didn’t do that again.

An absolute privelege to be gifted such a lovely dog and to see him enjoy his final 14 months in the countryside – thank you to Vanda and her family.

He fell asleep peacefully being told he was a “very good boy” and the last part of him that moved was his waggy tail which gave a little parting wave. No fear, just trust. Dogs teach us so much about the power of unconditional love. Thank you God for Bobby.

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