Mindfulness and Meditation

Here, all in one place, are all the posts I have put up so far with some kind of link to the subject of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Bird-watching is a lot like thought watching

Prayer as breathing and breathing as prayer

Why the one truth most people live by will not help you

Why doing things badly might be a good idea

Stop Postponing Happiness

Negative self – talk – ‘stopping the ticker tape of internal self destruction’

‘Be Kind to Yourself’ – modern mantra or ancient truth?

Getting over the Crisis

Mindfulness and Spirituality – Book Review

BodyMind and Spirit – further reflections on how spirituality intersects with our minds and bodies

Mindfulness – helpful practise or misleading fad?“Cure: a journey into the science of Mind over Body” Jo Marchant – Book Review

Also here is a link to a talk I gave recently called ‘Managing your Mind’


The powerpoint that went with this talk: SB meditation activate talk

And here is a link to the talk I gave on ‘Being Beloved’ in which I speak very honestly about my own struggles with maintaining my mental well-being over the last four years.


It might make more sense if you can also see the powerpoint and know at half way through I release a red helium filled heart shaped balloon from a gift bag, which floats up but is tethered to the ground.

The Powerpoint: SB UP activate talk

sheila selfie

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