2022 News in photos from Sheila and David

Here we are coming up to our second Christmas in Salford Priors and feeling at home. Photos by month, no apologies for excess of Charlie pics – he’s the best looking member of the family.

January: We went on holiday to Scotland with Matthew and Stine and we even skied!

February: a very sad and sudden loss, Stine’s beautiful mum Lisbet passed away in Denmark.

March: we had Matt and Stine’s dog Shep to stay.

and Norman (on the right) from Emma and Ben

April: Cornwall with David’s sister Rachel for a few days to celebrate big birthday for her husband Les.

May: ALOT of this going on – David learns to bellring in time to ring the bells for in honour of the Platinum Jubilee in June (sadly he also tolled the bells in September)

June: we celebrate our double 60th (those are hearts on the cake, not underpants)

July: Charlie arrives – our grandson, Emma and Ben begin the adventure of parenthood.

August: ‘Australian’ wedding in London. Emily and Jide celebrate surrounded finally by all the Aussie family who hadn’t been able to get out of Australia.

at Emily’s wedding (below) – do you remember how hot it was in the summer!

Sept: we are introduced to the delights of Denmark as we visit Stine’s family home.

October: Ben and Emma with Charlie who learns to smile

Stine celebrates her Dad’s birthday in Denmark.

We celebrate our next decade on a cruise and by attempting a 2000ft climb in 80 degress (F) and 80% humidity (the Pitons on St Lucia)

Nov: long service award for David (held in a transport musuem) 22 years at MIRA

Dec: Charlie works on sitting up and smiling simultaneously.

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