Grumpy old woman? I hope not.

I recently found out that my Wii-fit age is 5 years younger than my actual age and a whole ten years younger than David’s Wii-fit age.  Ha, ha! Ha ha! That makes me feel really smug. Sweet revenge for the fact that  his ‘Brain Training Age’ is alot younger than mine. But how old am I really?

Well I’m the same age as David (best beloved husband)… almost.  Conveniently, we were born on the same day in the same month. Unusually, we were also born in the same year. But here’s the thing: I am more than 24 hours older than him.

(If you can’t work out how that’s possible, drop back in a week’s time and I’ll have added the answer to the bottom of this post).

Sharing a birthday and being the same age does makes life simpler. No chance he’ll forget my birthday and it’s one thing less think about when the bank asks you all those security questions. Annoyingly though we are not ageing at the same rate, at least parts of us aren’t.  I can’t read a thing now without my reading glasses and even with reading glasses I still have to ask him to decipher the very small print on the back of food packets. Actually mostly I don’t bother asking him but now that he has realised I’m not reading the instructions his confidence in my cooking abilities has taken a dive. The happy side effect of this is that he now does more of the cooking than I do!  Yippee!  This is not my only ‘convenient’ ailment – my hoovering arm is also pretty dodgy and the sight of a tax return dramatically lowers my (already very low) mathematical ability.  Needless to say, I rely on him alot so perhaps I shouldn’t be so rude about his brain age.

Allegedly it was Bette Middler who said ‘Old age is not for cissies’. I’m not old yet but just the average helping of middle age aches and pains is teaching me that an uncomplaining, cheerful spirit might be the most essential characteristic for growing old gracefully. Lord, I’m going to need a lot of help with that!

I like the joke  about the good fairy.  A couple in their sixties reached their 40th wedding anniversary and a fairy comes along to grant them both a wish.

‘I’d like to go on a round the world cruise with my husband’, she said (generous, loving wife). Whoosh! The fairy waves her wand and there were the cruise tickets for two.

‘I’d like a wife thirty years younger than me’ said the husband (meanie).  Without a moment’s hesitation ‘Whoosh’ the fairy waves her wand and instantly the man is 90 years old.  You gotta love that fairy!

Today my good friend Ruthli reaches her half century. Happy Birthday Ruthli!  Over the years we have run together, skied together, flung ourselves down suicidal toboggan runs together and cycled half of England together. Heaven hold back the day we get old together – Ruthli would want to race me on our zimmer frames and she’d probably win!

P.S. The reason I am more than 24 hours older than David even though we share the same birthday is that I was born thousands of miles to the east, Indonesia to be precise. But you’d worked that out, hadn’t you?

How old is a ‘Sheila’?

If all you knew about me was my name, how old would you expect me to be?

If I were an Ethel or Betty you’d probably be thinking ‘over eighty’.  A ‘Kylie’ is probably under 20? So how old is a ‘Sheila’? Well, it’s dawned on me that I am the youngest ‘Sheila’  I know. I’ve known a few ‘Sheilas’ over the years butI have only just realised that I have never in my whole life met one younger than me!  It’s as if the name Sheila became deeply unfashionable the day my parents bestowed it on me. Cheers Pops, it was your idea, possibly you were a little behind the times?  Thankfully I’ve never thought Sheila sounded old, I’ve always thought it sounded cheerful and chipper, (it helps if you say it in an Australian accent!) so it really surprised me when someone told me they thought that Sheila was an old-fashioned sounding name.   I would love to hear from anyone out there who shares my name but thinks they might be younger than me.  Who know I might be the last of the Sheilas?

So how old am I?  Well ‘only as old as I feel’ which is not great news on days when I feel distinctly creaky. In human terms Bobby, our 5 month puppy,  is a 3 year old and on our early morning walks he bounces along joyfully just like a gleeful toddler while I trudge dutifully.  I take comfort from the slogan on my coffee cup coaster: The older you are the better you are, unless you are a banana.

The book of Proverbs tells me that ‘The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day’ (Proverbs 4:18). I love that idea. I am not dwindling into the shadows of old age, life is a pilgrimage onwards and upwards out of the shadows and uncertainties towards a bright sunny day.Yipee!

So how far have I got on my journey? You can have the answer in dog years: I am 329.

(Go figure, as they say in the States!)