Mary and Joseph have gone AWOL

This morning, I came to tidy away the nativity figures from the top of our (now mostly eaten) Christmas cake.

Mary and Joseph are missing.

Mary and Joseph - before their disappearance
Mary and Joseph – before their disappearance

They were not edible . so I do hope no one nibbled them. I interrogated the most most likely suspect but under pressure he only yawned and looked at me with his usual enigmatic vacancy.

'It wasn't me!'
‘It wasn’t me!’

I do hope he didn’t eat them. I’m far happier thinking that they have just genuinely gone AWOL, swanned off into the sunset or rather found some dusty corner of my house in which to reside and get on with their lives contentedly. After all they have been in the public eye a bit too much just lately: what with giving birth to the Messiah and outwitting Herod’s henchmen, they’ve had a pretty bad time of it.  They deserve a  bit of quiet normality.

Their sudden absence is a funny and timely reminder that none of us should think of ourselves as indispensable. It is a good and wonderful thing when we are called to play a part in God’s story but we must always remember it’s his story not ours. It’s doesn’t do to think of ourselves too highly or ‘big up our part’. There is only one Messiah, and we are not him. 

Perhaps, maybe around mid December next year, they might come out of hiding? (Assuming Bob the dog is as innocent as he looks)

‘Nother Nativity Joke

A small boy forgot his lines in the Sunday School music and drama presentation. His mother, sitting in the front row tried to prompt him, gesturing and forming the words silently with her lips, but it didn’t help. Her son’s memory was blank.

Finally she leaned forward and whispered the cue, “I am the light of the world.”

The child beamed with acknowledgment and in a loud, clear voice so that everyone in the congregation could hear said, “My Mommy is the light of the world.”

Nativity Natters (2)

Arrrrgh! I forgot the reindeer!

At yesterday’s ‘turn up and take part’ nativity, one child chose a reindeer outfit. (I knew I should have left them at home).  So we get through the whole story and the shepherds, kings and angels have all been called out of the audience to play their part  with Mary and Joseph and we are nearly at the end when someone points out to me the tearful reindeer left sitting on the front row.

Oops! My first response was to tell him that as it was a stable scene we obviously needed a reindeer but that clearly wasn’t convincing enough. He stayed firmly in his seat and his lower lip began to wobble.  I reckoned I had  about ten seconds before  I had a full on sobbing reindeer on my hands.

Now it’s not easy to construct a plausible connection between Bethlehem and reindeer under pressure, so, in case any of you out there are ever required to do the same, here’s how it’s done in 4 ‘easy’ steps:

” Jesus is God’s best present to the world… we give each other presents…Father Christmas gives presents too… Father Christmas needs reindeer!”

Phew! It worked!

Compared to that, everything else was a doddle. Thanks to everyone  who helped out