About me

I am a pioneer minister of an Anglican Church in Rugby. I have written about many subjects and had six books published: family life, parenting, relationships and sex and body image. Most of them are out of print now but you might find some kicking around second hand for a few pence.

The titles are/were The Art of Imperfect Parenting, The Art of Plate-Spinning, Are we Nearly There Yet?, Now we are here, where on earth are we? Who stole your Sex Life? and How to Feel Good Naked.

I love to write and reflect but mostly blogging or writing sermons is the only chance I get to do these days.

Whenever the weather is good enough, I also love to ride my bike. If I could I’d go ‘as far as possible’ and I don’t often have time for that so mostly my exercise comes from daily walks with my beloved dog.

More importantly than all of14469529_10101713016328952_2667415566019895008_n the above, I am a mother to two wonderful kids now launching themselves into adult life and a wife to David who has been my best friend since we met age 18. These three are God’s greatest gifts to me.

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  1. So much of what you write makes me smile from within, an insight into my own ridiculous behaviour at times ! … thank you for that ‘sonbathing’ analogy, how marvellous !

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