About me

I write and speak on subjects close to women’s hearts: family life, parenting, relationships and sex and, mostly recently body image. My books have been published by Hodder and Stoughton, Kingsway and Lion Hudson.  For more information about the books go to my website from the home page.

I am also a vicar-in-training. I am training ‘on the job’ working full time in a parish when I’m not away at college learning long theological words. You can read about my church at the m20 website.

I often speak at women’s breakfasts or evening events on the themes of my books.

Whenever the weather is good enough, I love to ride my bike. The trouble is I like to go ‘as far as possible’ and I don’t often have time for that so mostly my exercise comes from daily walks with my beloved dog.

More importantly than all the above, I am a mother to two wonderful kids now launching themselves into adult life and a wife to David who has been my best friend since we met age 18. These three are God’s greatest gifts to me.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dawn

    So much of what you write makes me smile from within, an insight into my own ridiculous behaviour at times ! … thank you for that ‘sonbathing’ analogy, how marvellous !

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