Waking at Sea

I woke and saw the sunlight pouring through the break in the clouds, Pooling onto the slate grey surface of the sea.  A far off mystery. The dancing light shimmering silver on the dull iron surface.  But, as if I had been observed, the pool became a path,  It walked across the water, Slowly, Steadily,... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t want to be understood

Why do we think God wants to be understood? I guess it's because in most of our relationships we ourselves expect to be understood and we strive, if possible, to understand the other. Mutual understanding is par for the course for a good relationship and who doesn't want to have a good relationship with God?... Continue Reading →

The City – Book Review

Here is my friend Cathy's sequel to The Gifts . Well done Cathy! Her amazing imagination and incredible capacity to create names and geography for a whole new world have once again been applied to this follow up story which (no plot spoilers) ends with a sense of completeness. It starts with a very violent... Continue Reading →

Christmas Greeting Letter

To make up for our lack in the Christmas card department, we offer you this little video of out-takes from an attempt to create a video of us reading a Christmas story for children linked to our church's Facebook group. We did actually succeed in making the video in the end (but the dog, not... Continue Reading →

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