A Bundle of Beautiful Bobbyness

Wednesday 14th Dec: sadly a weary old Bob took his final road trip. He was gentle, uncomplaining and stoic to the end. Bobby loved walks, he loved his Nan and all his humans. He loved his green dino, drinking from muddy puddles, sleeping on sofas or sleeping anywhere really. He came to love the car... Continue Reading →

Waking at Sea

I woke and saw the sunlight pouring through the break in the clouds, Pooling onto the slate grey surface of the sea.  A far off mystery. The dancing light shimmering silver on the dull iron surface.  But, as if I had been observed, the pool became a path,  It walked across the water, Slowly, Steadily,... Continue Reading →

Take 6 bricks…

Jesus told a lot of stories and performed actions that were often all about how to make a lot out of not very much: the mustard seed of faith, the meal for 5,000 from a few loaves and fishes. If only Jesus had had Lego! I came across this extraordinary piece of information in Lego... Continue Reading →

Come From Away – Review

Just seen this. Enjoyed it immensely. Not the most the most dazzling show in terms of what you can do with transforming staging or fancy special effects but very impressive in terms of what you can do with just 11 (12?) performers, all of whom gave it their all for whole performance. It is the... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t want to be understood

Why do we think God wants to be understood? I guess it's because in most of our relationships we ourselves expect to be understood and we strive, if possible, to understand the other. Mutual understanding is par for the course for a good relationship and who doesn't want to have a good relationship with God?... Continue Reading →

The City – Book Review

Here is my friend Cathy's sequel to The Gifts . Well done Cathy! Her amazing imagination and incredible capacity to create names and geography for a whole new world have once again been applied to this follow up story which (no plot spoilers) ends with a sense of completeness. It starts with a very violent... Continue Reading →

The Courier – Film Review

This is a brilliant film. It is the true story of an apparently ordinary English businessman Greville Wynne who is recruited by MI6 to act as the courier for the information passed on by a high ranking Russian official, Penkovsky. The story is the story of their friendship and the drama centres around the Cuban... Continue Reading →

Where is God in all this?

Whether it's the appalling human atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine or the fear that families here are chosing between staying warm or being fed or the existential climate crisis (will we still have a planet fit for habitation in even 5 years time?) - the question above is the obvious one being asked... Continue Reading →

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