How to Pray

Since the start of this crisis, we have been posting daily prayers on our church Facebook page. I am so glad to be sharing this task with others from our church family which is based at St Peter and St John’s Church.

If you click on the link above it will take you to our Facebook page where you can join in with these daily prayers.  Each of us who are leading those prayers are praying in a way that is natural for ourselves.

For me, there is a format which I use and when I led the prayers on Monday I confessed that I was fighting the urge to explain all the time how and why I was praying in this particular way.

There are all sorts of ways to pray, and shortly I will put up another blog post called ‘Frameworks for prayer’ so it’s not that I’m recommending one particular format as the only way to pray or even the best way to pray.

But because it is familiar to me, I have most often chosen to use the form of morning prayer offered by the Northumbrian Community

Celtic Daily Prayer

I find it helpful because it has fewer words  and for me personally I find it more enriching to dwell for longer on fewer words than to have too many words to take in and feel that I have to rush through them.

So this format offers me

a greeting

some opening sentences

a declaration of faith

three very short Scripture readings one from the Psalms 1 from the old Testament and one from the new Testament

a daily poem or meditation

some prayers to intercede for others

and a final closing prayer of blessing

By going to the Northumbria community website you can read the daily prayers each day, you can also download all of the above as an album on which there are sung versions of all of the above, beautiful settings if music helps you pray. And on the same album, there is the whole of morning prayer service spoken

In a series of posts I am about to create, I will give way to my inner teacher and hopefully using video format give you some short videos which explain what each element of this prayer format means. For the sake of simplicity I’m going to assume that people watching this may not know very much about how to pray or even why we pray, so I hope that these short videos will act as a form of discipleship training – discipleship simply means becoming a disciple or follower of Jesus: what does that mean? How does that affect my daily life?



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