The heart remembers better than the mind

‘Let your heart hold fast my words’ Proverbs 4:4

I read this yesterday. I mulled it over. Why did the writer use the word ‘heart’? Surely we memorise with our minds and we feel with our hearts?

But the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

Words that are stored in our hearts are way more powerful than words we have merely committed to memory.

We know this because when we feel an emotion with a word it somehow cements itself into our being – sometimes that emotion is positive and sometimes it’s negative.

Words like ‘useless’, ‘unreliable’, or ‘stupid’. Store any of those in your heart as a child? If you did, I bet you can remember who said them and when and why.

The truth of the connection between memory and emotion is being demonstrated to me regularly by my beloved mum whose memory isn’t so good. If something upsets her these days, she’s unlikely to remember what it was that upset her but she will remember that ‘upset’ feeling and probably continue to have an anxiety around that person or situation without really remembering why.

Wisely then, we are advised to ‘hold fast to good words with our hearts‘. Here are some to be going on with…

‘Adopted’, ‘Blameless’, ‘Cherished’, ‘Beloved’, ‘Called’.


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