Short Grumpy Blog Post

Does this make anyone else cross? Or is it just me? I go to buy deodorant and can only fine stuff that last 48 hours? Now, why oh why, would I want my deodorant to last 48 hours? I wash daily, I apply deodorant daily. Am I meant to now remember whether I put deodorant... Continue Reading →

Name Mnenomics

I'm very blessed to have this friend in my life (and her family also). Here she is with my other 'little friend' so often featured on this blog Yesterday in church we learnt about Name Mnemonics. I was talking about how ICTHUS the Greek word for 'fish' gave rise to the early Christian symbol of... Continue Reading →

Granny’s 80th Cake Day

On Sunday I ate cake for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper! Cake was just about the only thing I ate on Sunday - it was Gran's birthday. How fitting a celebration for someone with ┬álife-long love of cake? Once asked by her two grand-children if she could speak any other languages she said 'Yes' very... Continue Reading →

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