Emma and Ben’s Happy Day – some thank you links

I can’t possibly have a blog of my own called Sheila’s Feel Good Blog and not signpost you to this! Belinda Mccarthy, the photographer employed by Emma and Ben has blogged about their wedding day and released some of the photos. Thank you, they are amazing. She took 680 in all!! How we will chose,goodness only knows. Belinda was lovely, so unobtrusive and professional.


June 27th 2015 was a very joyful and happy day and we’d like to express our appreciation of those other businesses that really helped to make the day. If you are planning a wedding in North Devon, may be these connections might help!

Thank you St Brannock’s Church Braunton  http://www.brauntonchurch.org especially Ray the very helpful verger.

Thank you Confetti Petals http://www.confettipetals.com a local Warwickshire firm


Thank you Castle Hill  http://www.castlehilldevon.co.uk for an amazing venue. We will have very happy memories of such a beautiful place for a long time to come. Thanks too to the Magician and the quartet – Emma has these links, if I can get them I’ll post them up.  The Magician moved around small groups of guests during the milling about time on arrival and had everyone amazed.

Thank you Lower Campscott Farm Cottages, where we were able to rent 5 beautiful cottages for my side of the family to stay. http://www.lowercampscott.co.uk Each one came with a complete cream tea waiting for the occupants in the fridge!


Thank you, Michelle Gillam-Hull for making my lovely new stole. http://www.silkpaintedstoles.co.uk

2015-07-01 11.30.25

I could mention SO many other individuals, not businesses but people who were generous with their time and love, but I daren’t for fear I might leave someone out. Thank you, I hope you knew on the day how appreciated you were and are.

Allow me one more thank you – the biggest ‘thank you’ has to go to God! But as he’s yet to create a website, I can’t offer you a ‘link’. At least not any kind of ‘link’ in the normal internet sense of the word. But look around you for beauty, love, justice, people of compassion, acts of kindness and the world will suddenly come alive with ‘links’ to the Divine presence.

Here is the detail on my new stole: the design is based on Psalm 1

2015-07-13 20.36.26

And here is my paraphrase of this lovely Psalm:

Blessed (happy, joyful) are those who do not walk or live by the advice of those who say there is no God,

those who don’t waste time with cynical mockers but instead their joy and delight is to be open, receptive and present to every way God reveals himself

…they shall be like trees firmly planted and tended by streams of water, living fruitful and grace-filled lives’


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  1. Now we must reply with a Thank you to you for your kind words and for allowing us here at Castle Hill to be part of Emma and Ben’s wedding. It truly was a magical day and the love shared by the happy couple was evident throughout.

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