Granny’s 80th Cake Day

On Sunday I ate cake for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper!

Cake was just about the only thing I ate on Sunday – it was Gran’s birthday. How fitting a celebration for someone with  life-long love of cake?

Once asked by her two grand-children if she could speak any other languages she said ‘Yes’ very emphatically. When challenged on this she said ‘I speak French: ‘eclair’ and ‘gateaux’.  Mostly for the sake of those two grandchildren who could not be with her for her birthday, here are some photos of the day.


This was the High Tea out at Callow Hall, the venue for Rachel and Les’ Wedding 20 years ago. Happy memories.


Here she is with the two grand-children who could be there. Strange to think that last time we had family photos done in the same garden 10 years ago, my two where about the same age as these two are now. These two looked cute then and still look very lovely now.  However I WONT post the photo from Gran’s 70th as the same could not be said: number 1 son was in his ‘goth- long hair’ era and it was not a good look!


Here is Gran with her birthday garden seat.

2015-08-03 11.01.44

Here is the actual birthday cake – courgette, cinnamon and walnut. Yum, yum, well done Rachel.

IMG-20150804-WA0006And here we all are (minus one boyfriend who kindly took the photo).

As for my feat of cake consumption: after the church open day the day before, cake was the only thing left in the house so I ate cake for breakfast. We were in a rush to get off to Gran’s after church so I had a quick bit of cake before we left. We had high tea with ALOT of cake, followed by birthday cake at home and by the time we got back to our house, it was too late to cook so I had a bit of cake and went to bed! Sugar high or what?

(Makes up for a certain birthday party the week before… you know who you are!)

Finally we saw a whole new creative side to your uncle:


A ‘shed’ type activity that’s actually taking over the garage. Puts Dad’s boat building into perspective?


The only photo I was not able to get was your Aunt’s first attempt at a selfie, which (once she’d succeeded in reversing the camera and finding herself and her brother in the frame) mostly consist of view up Dad’s right nostril with a third of your Auntie’s smiling face in the background. Stick to cake-making Rachel 😉

A happy day for a special Granny



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