From Lord of the Rings to Little House on the prairie

So far wind hasn’t been a problem on this bike ride. (Long pause while David stops chortling….)
Today was a day of two halves: impossibly pretty Norfolk villages in little valleys, like The Shire. Then this afternoon it was all fenland: boring, flat, dead straight roads for mile after mile and a huge impressively hot sky.

And in the middle? Best bit of the day. A HUGE cheese sandwich, made for me by the owner of a little shop which didnt sell sandwiches but the village pub was closed 😦
‘no problem’ he said and fixed me up the most delicious cheese and tomato sandwich ever, made with two doorsteps of home made bread. Yum!
Over coffee (I stop alot to eat) I was joined by two aged cyclists, skinny as rakes but legs like steel. One of them told me the weather looked set to change from westerly winds to easterly! ‘I hope you are a prophet” I said, as he had sufficient facial hair to qualify (but I didn’t tell him that bit) ‘because that’s what I’ve been asking everyone to pray for’.

Crossing the fens I passed 25 wind turbines, each barely turning. Thank the Lord for that! It would have been a long 20 miles into a headwind.
Tonight’s room supplies earplugs – ominous!

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