Today I was lunch

Oh dear! Today I got eaten. A huge swarm of carnivorous mozzies attacked me, horrible! Slapping all my limbs like a very bad morris dancer, I got 3 of the beggars and they were full of blood already – mine! Ouch.
On the upside, I was bought lunch. Very handy to have a sister and brother in law near enough to come to meet me with emergency antihistamine (so far not necessary) and oil for my bike chain (‘give me oil on my chain keep me pedalling’ – thank you Anthony for that one) and reading for cyclists: ‘Obsessive compulsive cycling disorder’ and ‘Muck sweat and gears’.

I much preferred the terrain once it got hilly but the final hill into Earls Barton was really tough. The very lovely b and b tonight turns out to be run by Christians whose welcome and shared connections more than made up for living in a house called ‘Hill Crest’ (think about it, the clue is in the name).

Am loving the route directions, I have only a very general idea of where I am in terms of the bigger picture so I’m not constantly depressed by looking at how far I have to go. But I know exactly what to do at any individual junction. There’s probably a sermon illustration in that somewhere but I’m on holiday.

All credit to the company I bought the route from and who arranged the places to stay
Being on my own is ok too, I stop so often for this, that and the other, it’s a wonder anyone put up with me.
Tomorrow it looks like I may get wet, cant complain given the days I’ve enjoyed.
I may not keep this up. Blogging that is! I do hope I will keep going to St David’s. The photo is the view from tonight’s bedroom window.

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  1. I do hope you can keep up with the blog. I do enjoy catching up with you and cheering you on from my comfy sofa xx

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