Day 1

So I left at 8 am from what has to qualify as the ugliest monument on the entire east coast. David took all the photos upside down, which might actually improve it. (Cant figure out how to invert photos on a phone, sorry) Feeling sick, I’d been awake from 3am so it already felt like lunchtime.

However as soon as I was on the bike all my aches and pains disappeared. Almost. My ankle complained for 15 miles, but finally settled down and got on with the job – oddly after a half pint of milk, must try that again.

I crossed the River Yare several times, once by ferry, I was the only passenger. I didnt get lost the route just wiggled alot.
I saw loads of pretty little churches, a farm called Two Saints Farm – which two one wonders? And a thatched cottage called Thatched Cottage, a bit lacking in imagination that one.
I saw the Bridge veterinary centre – dream on Matt, one day maybe.
Prize for best place name today: Strawless Spratton. Best boat name: Passing Wind. I dont think Suffolk takes itself too seriously

2 thoughts on “Day 1

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  1. Enjoy the adventure, thank you so much for enabling us to enjoy the adventure with you, minus the hard work and pain! Loved your devotional today, so apt for where I am right now, indeed I used exactly the same scripture when I wrote mine last Saturday for next week! Way ya go Rev!x

  2. Hello Sheila, I loved your blog and names of things and places you passed by they made me laugh….. I will continue to pray for you. Enjoy !
    Love Debbie 🙂 x

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