The ‘Ordination Make Over’

 Hot news: I’ve just been told I am allowed to choose my own ordination outfit!!!

Not for nothing have I been called the ‘Gok Wan’ of the Anglican Church. At last the chance for a real make-over!  

Here is the traditional ordination outfit:  a black full length cassock, and a white surplice.

Stand a lot of people all wearing the same outfit in a line and it does become quite hard to tell them apart.

So… it looks like I might be able to start a mini revolution in clerical garb. Now there’s an idea: a mini length cassock with thigh high leather boots?  Or what about a silk surplice with lots of lace?  Mind you, it’s going to take alot of darts to make wearing a surplice look less like wearing a puffball mushroom. May be we could just play around with the colour scheme: pink shoes, electric blue cassock, orange surplice?…..

Then again, maybe I should take a few tips from another style icon?

Here is ‘Clergy Barbie’. She must carry a VERY big Bible to need a bag that size!

Behold!  It IS a very big Bible and here she is holding it whilst wearing a rather fetching red chasuble

Let’s face it: if you ARE Barbie, you can carry off just about any look, even the original:

On reflection: maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about the outfit, perhaps all I need to carry it off is a blonde wig, a winning smile and a very big handbag?

Not quite the robe they had in mind?

4 thoughts on “The ‘Ordination Make Over’

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  1. Shelia, Thank you for the laugh, I needed one. Somehow this reminded me of my father going to a theatre group mask party – he wore a gas mask! Good luck with your fashion choice and may God bless your ministry.

  2. I think I’ve met Clergy Barbie and she has the most amazing underwear. That’s why her teeth are gritted.

  3. Very appropriate for April 1st!
    Leave the electric blue cassocks for the Readers. I can’t see why we all have to dress as 12th century gentlemen anyway but if it tells others that we are Learned the bring it on!

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