Warning: I have character defects…

'Warning:   I have character defects and I'm not afraid to use them' This was the slogan on the fridge magnet I bought for my husband this week. It was part of a peace-offering because we had had a long distance 'disagreement' ( that would be a row then). I think the bottle of red wine went further... Continue Reading →

How to write an essay

My mission, now I've chosen to accept it is to write 2,000 intelligent words on two passages from Romans.  Here's my advice on how to write an essay: First, make yourself comfortable food: essay writing adds a whole new meaning to the phrase 'living hand to mouth' . Personally I find a large bag of popcorn is the ideal,... Continue Reading →

Digital Native

I have just spent 20 minutes with a digital native. I have also learnt this week that I am NOT a digital native, I am a digital immigrant. And the chances are  YOU are a digital immigrant too (otherwise you would not be reading this blog) although of course you could be a native. It's amazing what can... Continue Reading →

Engage brain… before inserting eyes!

So I haven't being seeing very well for the last month... Why is this? I wondered? Old age? Eye strain brought on by too much blogging? Nah, none of the above.  I've been wearing my contact lenses in the wrong eyes... again!  D'oh! I've made this mistake once before but on that occasion it only took... Continue Reading →

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