Only kidding…..

with regard to the blog posted earlier today, please refer to the date on which it was posted.

If I get ordained at all (after all this irreverent  frivolity) I will of course be wearing a standard black cassock, a white surplice, black shoes and a red stole. To any for whom this a disappointment, apologies!

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  1. Sorry Hugh: for either disappointing you or taking you in. I hope the smile in the morning made up for the sad face this evening. It really would not do to offend my most faithful comment-maker. And thank you for your blessings on my ministry, the ordination is this July… so long as the Bishop doesn’t change his mind.

    1. I’m a non-conformist Baptist through and through so the whole idea of having to wear particular clothes is odd to me. When my son got baptised he was wearing a t-shirt given to him by the rest of the youth group, it read ‘Jesus is coming, look busy.’

  2. I totally believed you Sheila! So nearly told everyone in the staff room as well! (glad I didn’t now!) was excited to think what you would choose to wear. What would you wear if given free range?

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