Oops! I just extinguished the sun…

I've had more than my fair share of 'oops' moments lately: I reversed into a wooden fence post - little 'oops'!  I cycled headlong into the back of a stationary car - big 'oops'! But at least I can say it wasn't me who extinguished the sun. So what shall I confess first? Well, the wooden... Continue Reading →

The Hand that First Held Mine

This is the title of a novel by Maggie O'Farrell. We read it for our book group and discussed it a couple of weeks ago.  I highly recommend it for any one out there running book groups. (Or anyone just looking for a good book).  The story centres around two couples, Lexie and Innes in the... Continue Reading →

My name: it’s a secret!

Earlier this week I was taking assemblies in two primary schools. In the first school I was introduced as 'a church visitor' as the teacher obviously didn't know who I was (shame she didn't ask me!) So I began by introducing myself.  As I'd been before I asked the children if any of them remembered my... Continue Reading →

Triathlon Joy!

Whoopee! We did it. The team of 5 triathlon 'newbies' triumphed on Sunday last  in Lichfield.  I think this picture captures some of our joy and relief. We had to leave home by about 6.15 to be there in time to register and get our transition areas all set up. Then we began in the pool.... Continue Reading →

London to Paris by Bike

In a word: BRILLIANT! In more than one word: 205 miles from Greenwich to the Eiffel Tower, wonderful countryside, quiet low traffic route, fabulous weather, good company. If you are not a keen cyclist, that's probably all you'll want to read of this post!  But for the sake of anyone out there in the internet... Continue Reading →

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