Our pilgrimage has begun

After a long but smooth journey, we arrived around 6.30pm in the Pilgerhaus, our hotel/retreat centre on the shores of Lake Galilee. Grateful but very tired after such a long journey, it was wonderful to be welcomed into beautiful rooms and to a delicious supper.

Our first day was spent in Nazareth and in the photo you can see us gathered outside the church of the Annunciation. We also saw the Synagogue church. After a delicious lunch we went onwards to Cana where many of the couples in our group renewed their marriage vows in a moving ceremony.

By the end of the day, we had arrived at Mt Tabor and were taken up in mini buses to the church at the top to remember the story of the transfiguration. The sun was going down but the views across the valley of Jezreel were amazing.

Day 2 began early (7am) for those of us keen to swim in Lake Galilee – yes it was cold! But to swim out into the lake as the sun rose over the Golan Heights opposite, created a wonderful moment for those of who braved the chill. (About 12 of us, including birthday girl, Helen).

After a hot shower and breakfast, we all moved on a little way round the shore and shared in a beautiful service of communion on the shores of Galilee near to the church at Tabgha, commemorating the feeding of the 5,000, also known as the church of the multiplication.

Thank you for your love and prayers, know that we are praying for you also.

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