Visiting The Holy Land


IMG_1394 Tomorrow I’ll be returning to the Holy Land. I last went two years ago on a tour for people who might lead a pilgrimage.

So it’s very exciting to be going back again, this time with 44 other people from Coventry Diocese, many of whom have never been before.

I’m sure there are as many reasons for going as there are pilgrims but as this is a pilgrimage we are going primarily for two reasons: to be present to God in the very places where God became present to humankind, believing that God still does want to be a living present reality in our lives.

Secondly to share love and support with our Christian brothers and sisters who live out their faith in this wonderful, complex country.  We hope we will come back understanding more about ourselves and our faith, more about the Bible, more about the challenges, joys and hopes of all the people who live in these lands.

If you pray, please do pray for us and watch this space for highlights and insights.

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