The Stone that Sparkled

A few weeks ago I was able to enjoy a holiday which began with a Sunday off. This particular Sunday was truly a ‘holy day’ which was part of a ‘hol-i-day’. On the Saturday, I driven away from what had been an intense few days. A set of circumstances that had left me aware that... Continue Reading →

Portmeirion – beautiful but …

Yesterday I visited Portmeirion with some friends. It took me till this morning to work out what I didn't like about it. In case you don't know Portmeirion is a village constructed on a private peninsula overlooking Traeth Bach tidal estuary in North Wales. It was built by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis to show how... Continue Reading →

Kit List: what have I forgotten?

Making a list for my cycle ride. 5 days worth of stuff because David can bring supplies for days 6,7 and 8.  So far: cycling outfit (shorts/t-shirt/socks) x 2 (That's one set on and one being 'recycled') pants - 1 pair ('1pair?' Mind your own business) trackie bottoms x1 warm fleece x 1 wet weather... Continue Reading →

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