Kit List: what have I forgotten?

Making a list for my cycle ride. 5 days worth of stuff because David can bring supplies for days 6,7 and 8.  So far:

cycling outfit (shorts/t-shirt/socks) x 2

(That’s one set on and one being ‘recycled’)

pants – 1 pair (‘1pair?’ Mind your own business)

trackie bottoms x1

warm fleece x 1

wet weather gear

cycling gloves x3 (they stink after even a day)

flip flops x1 pair

scary cycling shoes  x1 pair

sachets of coffee – for wakey-upiness 

sachets of hot chocolate -for  go to sleepiness

instant ice- ice pack x2  (I might get too hot)

hot water bottle (I might get too cold)

kindle + recharge lead

phone + recharge lead

body x1( mine)+ recharge lead (if only that idea worked)

wash kit 

Dedication … (00ps, that’s a typo, should be) … Medication ( probably need both)

little pot of dried milk powder (for the coffee)

little pot of washing powder (for the ‘smalls’)

Labels to identify these last two items

Set of directions/list of accommodation




bike locks

jelly babies/chocolate/mountainous quantities of malt loaf

sun cream (here’s hoping)

So have I missed anything?

Scary cycling shoes
Scary cycling shoes

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