Of Mice and Mooses

Outrageous! What is this country coming to?

Here is a pot of blueberry mousse.   A mousse is a dessert usually based on whipped cream, fruit and gelatin.

This one appears to have some very alternative ingredients:

The words on the pot clearly state ‘Blueberry Mouse’. Really?  Would that be complete with droppings?

I feel a temporary but urgent call back to my original vocation as an English teacher. So here, for the benefit of the confused, is a

 And here, for the benefit of supermarkets everywhere is a

And finally, particularly for the other person in my household who shall be nameless but should be ashamed of himself, for suggesting this was the correct spelling for a chocolate pudding. THIS is a


 (as in the song… ‘there’s a moose in the hoose’?)

And the plural of moose is ???

Moose (just like sheep, you can have one sheep or 3 sheep, you don’t have 3 sheep and one ‘shep’, do you? )

However if you are being  silly ‘Mooses’ is acceptable so as August is the ‘silly season’, mooses it is.

(I’m so glad we’ve cleared that up)

5 thoughts on “Of Mice and Mooses

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  1. I remember my sister making the mousse/mouse mistake in a postcard home when she went on holiday with her best friend’s family over 40 years ago much to my father’s amusement.

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