Hula Hooping Happiness

Still smiling after 4 hours!

Yesterday I learnt to Hula Hoop! What brilliant fun! Four hours of a hula hoop masterclass led by John ‘Mr Hoop Guy’ ( ) who guarantees to be able to teach anyone to hula hoop.

It was ALOT of fun and, yes the class was 4 hours long but we stopped every half hour for a few minutes and once for a proper tea and cake break.  We all mastered the basic moves, most of us also learnt some tricks and all of us enjoyed ourselves. This photo was taken at the end of the class and we were all still smiling!

And I could still move this morning, in fact I was surprised I didn’t ache much at all but I am bruised around the waist – ouch, very tender. The hoops we used each weigh one and half pounds which is quite a weight to swing round your waist for 4 hours, so bruising is to be expected but you do toughen up.  I even managed 5 minutes hooping today.

Why??? (you may be asking)

Well, it’s fun, it’s lovely to challenge yourself to learn  a new skill, it’s good for core stability and tummy muscles, it whittles down your waist, the tricks improve hand/eye co-ordination but, what the heck,   it’s just FUN!  Naturally I had to buy my own hoop at the end of the class, I went for a big fluorescent pink one (well if you are going to hula dance in the garden, which is the only space big enough, there’s not much point being discrete!)

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