Living Advent Calendar

We've had a fabulous local initiative started up in three streets near us: a living Advent Calendar. The idea is that every night from Dec 1st to 24th - a different house in these three adjoining streets reveals a window display around 6pm and invites their neighbours out on to their driveway to share in... Continue Reading →

Granny’s 80th Cake Day

On Sunday I ate cake for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper! Cake was just about the only thing I ate on Sunday - it was Gran's birthday. How fitting a celebration for someone with  life-long love of cake? Once asked by her two grand-children if she could speak any other languages she said 'Yes' very... Continue Reading →

Of Mice and Mooses

Outrageous! What is this country coming to? Here is a pot of blueberry mousse.   A mousse is a dessert usually based on whipped cream, fruit and gelatin. This one appears to have some very alternative ingredients: The words on the pot clearly state 'Blueberry Mouse'. Really?  Would that be complete with droppings? I feel a... Continue Reading →

Chocolate: better for you than fruit?

My daily treat is a really nice cup of coffee. No added sugar, just one sweetener: so not too 'sinful' in the calorie stakes. The thing is that it's hard to have a coffee without 'a little something' to go with it. Coffee and croissant? Coffee and cake? Coffee and biscuits for dunking?  or Coffee... Continue Reading →

Brilliant Bath Graduation

Sunny day, Early July, Beautiful Location, Family Celebration! Thank you Bath for being the setting of yet another happy family moment. Sadly it was also a farewell event as the occasion was our daughter's graduation. After four happy years, the wider world beckons... The day had all the necessary elements of a Bridge Family occasion. Dad: route-planning, time-keeping and weather-checking. Brother does 'sleeping in the car' and looking... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake – Best Ever

Here's a recipe for an excellent carrot cake. 'Mega good and keeps for ages' I have scrawled next to the blotchy 'typed on a typewriter' (how quaint) recipe. It can't be that old it comes with metric measurements as well 9 0z/250g wholemeal flour 60z/175g raw brown sugar (dark) 3 size 3 eggs (I just... Continue Reading →

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