Yippity, Yippity, Yippity!

That is POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY,  the LAST  time I EVER make a promise to be publicly cheerful about being ill!

I have had to maintain virtual ‘radio silence’ in order to avoid the indulgence of online moaning. It is now day 15 since I mentioned in a blog post that I had caught a  sore throat from my beloved.  It was just a sore throat,and  then it became a cold on days  2-5 throughout which I carried on regardless because ‘it’s just cold’.  But by Day 6 I had to admit I was ill, days 6,7 and 8 I was in bed. Day 9 I decided ‘blow this for a laugh’ I’m sure I’m fine, I got up and took a service on Palm Sunday. Days 10,11 and 12 I was back in bed!!

Oh boy! what a humdinger of a virus, it felt like someone had tied lead weights to my ankles and that maybe I just might not get better…. ever.

Anyway, much prayer, anxiety and time in bed later….

…. Hip, Hip Hooray! Calloo, Callay! I’m better today.

And joy on joy, Easter is just around the corner, the holidays are coming and YIPPITY, YIPPITY, YIPPITY I’m cycling to Paris with my son! 

*Does the happy dance*

So what that we are both on antibiotics. (He has trenchfoot in both feet after  3 weeks standing around in sheep slime). So what that I haven’t exercised for TWO whole weeks and so what that just one week after I’m back from France… it’s the triathlon.  EEEEEK!

I think ( I hope?) that I have got better just in the nick of time. I am so grateful for answered prayer and so, so grateful to have my working body back (as opposed to the ‘lying down feeling pathetic body’ I had instead).  I am on the build up drinks, lucozade, vitamin C and yoghurt drinks. But mostly I’m buoyed by  joy, a ‘yippity, yippity, yip’ can take you a very long way (all the way to Paris on a bike, I hope).

Have I learnt some lessons? Well, here’s what I learnt about being ill

  • it  helps you remember you are not so very important, the world will not end if you are not bustling about, you are not indispensible, this is good for one’s humility.
  • it helps you appreciate friends who care and who stand in for you (thank you)
  •  And being utterly unable to do anything to improve your situation other than just lie there and hope, is a valuable lesson in trust.

But even for all these good things to note, I have to admit… it’s SO much easier to be cheerful when the trial is over.

Love, strength and the Easter Blessing of transformation to you  if your trial is still ongoing…

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  1. Delighted you are feeling so much better, hope that’s the last of it. Thought you did well on Palm Sunday. Funny how nobody thinks you are as ill as you say unless you are whisked off to hospital!!!

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