No Teeth Marks at Mrs Tiggywinkles

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We have just stayed for a little under a week on the Isle of Wight in a bijou little cottage called Mrs Tiggywinkles. It was a size of a two storey double garage but that’s where any similarity with a garage ended. It was really, really cute! Small but perfectly formed: porch for wellies, log-burning stove, sofa for two, bath (on the ‘landing’) and bags of hot water. Double bed with excellent mattress in bedroom under two sloping eves. Bliss!

There were just the two of us ‘human occupants’ but we did share the accommodation with Bob the dog and 16 tiny incarnations of Mrs T herself, most of them cunningly hidden in nooks and crannies.

Possibly it was the confined space that led Bobby to attempt to eat Mrs Tiggy.  Either that or the fact that she resided on a table at ‘dog nose height’.  The second time I rescued her from his jaws, I did point out that it was the height of bad manners to attempt to eat one’s hostess but he just looked at me. Thankfully there were no teeth marks on Mrs T and the provision of some dog toys put paid to his penchant for ornaments.

The cottage was an interesting metaphor for the island itself: it’s a small island that sort of feels big. Some of the fields inland filled the whole view to the horizon. And yet getting from one coast to the other barely takes half an hour. Our village was graced with the Wellow Literary Institute, not just a notice board but a whole building dedicated to the pursuit of literary greatness (sadly not much pursuing seemed to be going on in February).  We also had a post office which operated out of a stable.

Our best day for weather was also our best day for company: we enjoyed a  long way with lovely people who knew the island, its wildlife and us very well. Thanks for a great day out and a warm welcome to a lovely island.

(PS. If you’d like to stay at Mrs T’s or its slightly bigger neighbour Brook Cottage go to )

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