One Letter Away from Divinity

A friend dropped me a quick email to ask me how I was.... 'I'm good' I replied. At  least that's what I thought I replied.  A typing slip up, possibly freudian, meant that what what I actually replied was: 'I'm god'. Oh dear. I appear to be 'one 'o' short of  humility'. (Is this akin to being 'several... Continue Reading →

The Unseen Umbilical Cord

Yesterday I was out for most of the day. I had made arrangements for the dog and checked the train times in advance. Cycling to the station I had a vague feeling I had forgotten something. On arrival my suspicion was confirmed: I had left my mobile phone at home. This really shouldn't have mattered. I... Continue Reading →

Dying to look Good on Blue Monday?

On the 'official' worst day of the year,  just when we are (allegedly) all feeling as miserable at it's possible to feel the Daily Mail publish a shocking article (nothing unusual there then?).  If your quick fix fantasy has ever been to have boob job, a face lift or a tummy tuck, then you should read this... Continue Reading →

Learning to Breathe

I've been working on my breathing... You'd think that after a near half century of breathing, I'd have mastered it by now. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale... exhale. The tricky bit is synchronising this action with the necessary front crawl actions of  'face in the water - exhale', then 'face out the water- inhale'. It's much... Continue Reading →

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