Christmas Greeting Letter

To make up for our lack in the Christmas card department, we offer you this little video of out-takes from an attempt to create a video of us reading a Christmas story for children linked to our church’s Facebook group. We did actually succeed in making the video in the end (but the dog, not the husband, provided the backdrop) however we thought you’d enjoy the bloopers more.

Our Letter: Location! Location! Location!

That is the big story of this year. After nearly 30 years, David and I left Rugby in early June.

So we now live here and I work as an Associate Minister and am mostly based at the church in our village:

Taken 2 days after we moved when the Red Arrows came by and painted a heart in the sky!

We are about 8 miles south of Stratford on Avon, in a small village. If you think you might want to come and see us message me for the address. Kettle can be on with a 2 minute warning, biscuits will take longer.

Mostly the best way to communicate with us is by email or by whatever method you received the link for this blog. If you have a ‘peterjohn’ email address for Sheila – that still works fine! (It’s not linked to our old church, it comes straight to me).

Our other news:

  • We like living in a village, lots of lovely countryside walks
  • David still works for the same firm but only commutes into the office once or twice a week (which is just as well as we’ve moved further away)
  • Emma and Ben and Matt and Stine are all well – and we are now equidistant from both which takes parental fairness to new heights.
  • I have started open water swimming since August and acheived a below 10 degree dip in November
  • Other recent experiences have been: trying out the church bells and for David, getting his head around ancient clock maintenance. The church building dates back to the 11th century – the clock in the tower is merely around 140 years old – and with a reliability rating that befits its age.
  • We have recently been given a dog, fittingly called Bobby, which at least saves us having to remember a different name. He is a 12 year old springer spaniel and still has masses of energy when out on a walk but mostly sleeps the rest of the time. He’s very endearing (even at 6am which is when his internal alarm usually goes off) and we are very happy to be able to look after him for his retirement years.

So here below: pictures of our new (to us) church, our new (to us) dog, and Sheila’s lake oasis.

We hope you are well, if you send us a newsletter either electronically or otherwise we assure you we read it and enjoy hearing from many friends. Even better would be seeing you if you are ever passing this way: the Vicarage is about 30 seconds off the A46 between Stratford and Evesham.

God bless, stay well, stay in touch,

much love,

Sheila and David Bridge

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