‘Finding the Still Point’ and ‘Streams in a Dry Land’ – Two book recommendations

This book is brilliant! It was brilliant in 2010 when it was already old and possibly out of print but I’ve just re-read it and want to point to it again. Just to say it is one of the most helpful, practical and yet also deeply spiritual books I’ve ever read.

Here is the review – I don’t think I can improve on it.

I’ve realised for myself that moodwise I mostly inhabit, 6 or 7 on his scale, over-strained, tendancy to over commit and then panic afterwards. My latest re-read allowed me though to acknowledge periods at 3 or 4, not uncommon for so many of us as we are drag along through the changed landscape of this pandemic world: weariness and lethargy are very common. But O’Mahony doesn’t just help you diagnose your state of mind, he gives you loads of excellent, simple and completely do-able ways forward along with a heafty dose of the kind of ‘go easy on yourself’ resassurance that we all need.

I’ve also just read this book:

It is probably also out of print! (Sorry to be so out of date) This one is very good on how we interpret God through lens of our feelings, she helped me understand myself better but her advice about difficult feelings is hard to take – sit with them and accept them, even find God in them. She’s right, I know she’s right but like every other human being on the planet, I’m hard-wired to gloss over, get passed or simply ignore difficult feelings. I needed to hear what she had to say – doesn’t mean I had to like it!

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