Hero Dog to the Rescue!


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He’s arrived – my very own ‘hero dog’! I know I already have a living, breathing one in the form of Bobby but my new pal is a lot of fun, does clever transforming tricks and doesn’t eat as much.

Here he is as ‘normal’ dog

Cute, affectionate and a faithful friend.

2015-01-06 13.56.03

Now here is he is as ‘Hero Dog’

2015-01-06 13.54.04

Brave and daring, willing to help me find my own ‘inner hero’ and courage whenever I need some.

I confidently predict that Hero Dog (and his side kick Hero Cat) will be the next big thing in children’s toys and you heard it hear first.

2015-01-06 14.34.36

(Here he is flying, with a little help from me his new friend)

The clever thing about Hero Dog is that his transformation involves the removal of none of the fiddly bits of his outfit which would then get lost. He transforms by some very clever folding and unfolding easily achieved by small children. (Fine motor skills: tick)

He is also baby friendly (no eyes to chew off) and can even be washed in the machine.

Yay! for Hero Dog and his creator Sarah who is a local Rugby person with an imagination stock full of other transforming creatures and several cupboards full of Hero Dogs and Hero Cats to sell.

They cost £15.99 each and you can order them at her website  https://plushiemorphs.com/  under the generic name (or should that be species name) of ‘Plushiemorphs’.

Everyone needs one for those moments when you feel unnerved. Or maybe you know a child going into hospital or facing a difficult situation where he or she could do with a courageous pal to take along with them.

I will be taking my Hero Dog into school assemblies, messy church and our all age service where he and I will might talk about not judging  people by appearances (there’s more to him than meets the eye) or about how to be brave in life’s scary moments.

Go take a look at Sarah’s website – you know you need one!


One thought on “Hero Dog to the Rescue!

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  1. Hi Shelia,

    Thank you for writing such a lovely piece about Hero Dog, I hope you have lots of fun together. It’s good to know he’s going to be helping you out with some teaching and fun in the community, I know he’ll work hard!

    When you wrote about him helping you find inner courage and being brave in scary situations, those are exactly the things that led to his creation, he’s still helping me do scary things like starting this business and I hope he and his friends help lots of people in lots of positive ways! Thanks for being a part of the journey! 🙂

    Best wishes,

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