A Better Way to Say Sorry

This is an amazingly good post about saying sorry (click link below). It’s written by a teacher and talks about how to teach children to say sorry and mean it. Maybe if we were all able to do this there would not be the kind of fear/hate crimes that we have seen in France recently.

Saying sorry is never easy. I grew up with a Dad who never said sorry. Fortunately he rarely needed to because for the most part he was wise and gentle but on the rare necessary occasion it was virtually impossible for him to admit a mistake. My mum on the other hand says ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ all the time, maybe a total over compensation? Getting the balance right is hard. Sincerely admitting you are wrong is hard.

As I said in the ‘Mornings in Jenin’ post, my tendency is to say too much and too too harshly. So here is my response to this post: ‘I’m sorry for saying too much and saying it too harshly. This is wrong because it hurts other people’s feelings and they don’t hear anything useful you might have had to say. In the future I will try to say only the minimum necessary. Will you forgive me?

A Better Way to Say Sorry.

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