Yesterday – looking younger than I felt!

Yesterday I put my shorts on the wrong way round without noticing and it was downhill from there on in (if only).
I have come to love the words ‘road descends’ – maybe the fens weren’t so bad after all.
Challenge 1: eight mile hilly chunk of journey omitted from directions, grrr!
Challenge 2: very very hot
Challenge 3: from very hot to tropical downpour, thankfully only for an hour or so. Was also grateful that gradients eased but it was dispiriting to have over 30 miles to go at 3pm with water sloshing in my shoes.
My hostess yesterday made my day. Not only did she pray for me on my departure (how much worse would the day have been without that?) but she asked me the name of my kids and then prayed fervently that they ‘wouldnt be missing their mummy too much’! After the ‘amen’ I had to break it to her that at 25 and 23 years old I didn’t think either of them had been missing their mummy for some time!

Onwards (and upwards probably) Malvern hills today. Insert legs into shorts the right way round, put body on bike and press ‘go’. Am half way. On weds I’d been worried my holiday was going too quick, one good thing about yesterday is that I dont feel that way now!

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  1. What’s really great is that you are managing to write your excellent blog after a hard day’s cycling. All the best for your last few days. xx

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