Grandpa’s Homecoming

Yesterday we said our final farewells to Grandpa Bill. Out of all the stories the one I can picture the best was the one of him leaping over a box hedge and falling through a patient’s front door having executed a perfect Rugby slide along her hall floor. Picking himself up complete with medical bag he proceeded to visit the patient as if nothing unusual had happened!

Grandpa was a big man in so many ways, but very humble about the many things he had been given the opportunity to do. His favourite phrase was ‘keep looking up’, meaning ‘Keep your eyes on Jesus’ and his favourite worship song was ‘Jesus be the centre’ – he loved it for the line ‘Be the wind in these sails’.

Along with several other rousing hymns, we sang that song together and we listened to the song below. It’s very beautiful and created a really poignant and special moment remembering a very special gentleman.

The Obituary in The Scotsman:

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