East to west: final day

Yesterday the weather was grim but my spirits were high. Today began the other way round. I was awake most of the night with a dicky tummy from something I ate yesterday. After several trips to the loo I finally got a little sleep between 3 and 4 am but then woke up feeling grim... Continue Reading →

Wind and rain

The word in the photo says it all: slow progress today. Wind plus rain plus hills. The good thing about the wind/rain combination in Wales is that often it rains only as fast as the wind dries you so you stay the same level of damp all day. This happy balance lasted till the 2pm... Continue Reading →

Wales won, England far behind

I'm in welsh Wales - all the signs are bilingual. Though I never saw a 'welcome to Wales' sign but then my route has mostly been on tiny country roads, single track. Yesterday specialised in farm yards, not a single pub but maybe 8 farmyards complete with barking dogs and lots of cow pats. My... Continue Reading →

The Malverns

The route directions said "undulating". Huh! "Blinky hilly" more like. No where were the words 'steep climb' featured but tomorrow's route is littered with this lovely phrase - oh joy. Anyway the sun shone, a morning coffee stop and an afternoon tea stop appeared as if by magic at just the moment I was hoping... Continue Reading →


Should have packed (no) scratch mitts! Too weary to write tonight. Here's the only photo I took today. I'm heading in that direction now, taking the anti histamines and hoping for a better night. I was awake at 2 am this morning eating cake - it was all I had and I was hungry! Been... Continue Reading →

Today I was lunch

Oh dear! Today I got eaten. A huge swarm of carnivorous mozzies attacked me, horrible! Slapping all my limbs like a very bad morris dancer, I got 3 of the beggars and they were full of blood already - mine! Ouch. On the upside, I was bought lunch. Very handy to have a sister and... Continue Reading →

Day 1

So I left at 8 am from what has to qualify as the ugliest monument on the entire east coast. David took all the photos upside down, which might actually improve it. (Cant figure out how to invert photos on a phone, sorry) Feeling sick, I'd been awake from 3am so it already felt like... Continue Reading →

God Particle – something understood

The play I mentioned a few posts ago came to our church last Thursday. It was brilliant, fast-paced, entertaining and thought provoking. It really was a sci-fi romantic comedy, a hard combination to pull off with a high degree of theology and theoretical physics thrown in. I don't want to plot spoil, simply to say... Continue Reading →

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