I may be gone for some time!

Or,  in the words of Clint Eastwood, ‘I’ll be back’! I don’t know which it will be.

This is just to say I have had a bit of a battle with this wordpress blog site. It shut me out and now (by some miracle I don’t understand) I’ve managed to log back in, I’m concerned that if I log out again, I may never get back in again.

So if I’m gone for a while, sorry wordpress but you make it incredibly difficult to work with you: I went down the recover password route, inputted my email and then you promised to  send me an SMS with a code… you never sent the code!! And if you can’t log in there is no way to contact wordpress. Even if you can log in, wordpress is just a website there appears to be no way to contact an actual human being to resolve your problem.

Goodness only know how I have got back in, but I have now changed my password again for security’s sake and so once I log out I’m afraid I may never be able to get back in again

Hence the (very frustrated) possible farewell message. Sorry to my subscribers who have been bothered recently by fake posts. I have disabled the ‘post by email’ feature so this shouldn’t happen again and if I do get back into to wordpress I may upgrade to pro in the hope that it will afford me better protection from hackers.


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