Tornado hits Rugby

Being ‘in’ a tornado is a pretty rare weather event: worth a quick blog I think!  We had a 10 second tornado here in Rugby, in the area of our church, at 6pm yesterday. I was just leaving the church centre and was struggling to lock a gate with a key so was conveniently tucked into a corner between a wall and a garage but I heard a huge roar and thought  ‘wow, that’s a loud lorry’ then I felt  a circular wind motion round my legs (not a good day for a skirt! just as well no one could see me) and then it was all over. As I emerged into the church grounds there were trees and branches everywhere, some really big. Thankfully neither my friend Lewis, nor my car (in car park behind church) had been hit. Lewis had however seen a full size trampoline sail over into the green area behind the car park!

We couldn’t believe our eyes but didn’t take it all that seriously but now I see some other pictures posted up  (the uprooted tree by Carol Dorland and put up also on Rugby FM page) I’m really quite shocked. Most of the garden fences down one boundary on to our land have been demolished and as you can see we have some damage to tiles on our roof. But it could have been SO much worse. Thank you Lord that it didn’t hit our church, for tucking me into a corner and keeping Lewis safe and many others safe. (click on the photos to enlarge)

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