Wrestling with socks and sundry other small(ish) objects

I have wrestled my socks into submission.

No longer will I allow the contents of my sock drawer to get the better of me!

I have culled my clothes.

No longer do I have drawers that are full to bursting with stuff I don’t wear, don’t like or doesn’t fit me.

FIVE bin bags full off to the charity shop or recycling. If you are in the right mood for the job it only takes half an hour: ruthless, objective and detached works best. Now I have oodles of that delightful commodity: space. I feel light, airy and virtuous.

I am especially pleased to bid farewell to the BIG pants – 24 ‘Bridget Jones’ BIG knickers.

These had in fact been the final straw, the ‘tipping point’ in terms of wardrobe excess. They were a ‘gift’ from my mother who came to visit a few weeks ago. Now, usually I am blessed to have a mother who hands on clothes to me.  Some of them are wonderful as she does have a great eye for colour. But her fondness for bling is not always an asset nor is her generosity with pants.  Only one’s mother would think about passing on 24 pairs of huge bloomers she no longer wears (yes, they were second hand!). It’s fairly dismaying that a) she feels I have a backside that requires such vast coverage  (I don’t!) and b) somewhat  worrying that even at my age she obviously doesn’t trust me to choose suitable underwear.

Well I’ve asserted my rights! I will NOT wear the  BIG pants. They have gone – I hope someone somewhere will find some use for said objects but they are not finding a home in my drawers! And along with them tatty t shirts, sad old trousers, half a dozen unattached socks and some saggy old jumpers.

I’m ‘travelling light’ – wearing appropriately sized undergarments and matching socks. My, that feels good!

4 thoughts on “Wrestling with socks and sundry other small(ish) objects

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  1. I’d recognise a drawing from CartoonChurch anywhere.

    There seems to be some odd law of the universe working in our house that dictates that every available storage space should be so full that you can’t actually find anything in it!

  2. Sheila please feel free to bring all your sorting out to St Chad’s Church when you come and we will give it to Carriers of Hope. Or if you need it gone before then, feel free to ring or email me for an earlier collection 🙂 There are women out there what would love to wear the big pants… 🙂

    1. Thank you Hannah for the offer of taking it off my hands. In fact it was already gone to someone in my home church. I was so ruthless in my clear out, I doubt I’ll find anymore by May 22nd! Thanks for reading though, looking forward to being with you

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