Yippity, Yippity, Yippity!

That is POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY,  the LAST  time I EVER make a promise to be publicly cheerful about being ill! I have had to maintain virtual 'radio silence' in order to avoid the indulgence of online moaning. It is now day 15 since I mentioned in a blog post that I had caught a  sore throat from... Continue Reading →

Hope against Darkness

In a week when I have felt incredibly weak and wobbly, this poem just expresses perfectly my gratitude to him who 'though he was rich, for my sake, became poor'. It's so good and so appropriate for Maundy Thursday,  I won't say anymore - thanks Jules for passing it along. I thank you for becoming... Continue Reading →

Who is pressing your buttons?

Has anyone else noticed the oddities occasionally offered by the predictive texting on your mobile? Type in 'go' and you get 'in', 'he' and you get 'if', 'got' and you get 'hot'. Bizarrely, predictive texting will often NOT let me spell very straightforward words but allows me to type in nonsensical words like 'donkle', 'phen', or 'graf'. I was... Continue Reading →

Only kidding…..

with regard to the blog posted earlier today, please refer to the date on which it was posted. If I get ordained at all (after all this irreverent  frivolity) I will of course be wearing a standard black cassock, a white surplice, black shoes and a red stole. To any for whom this a disappointment, apologies!

The ‘Ordination Make Over’

 Hot news: I've just been told I am allowed to choose my own ordination outfit!!! Not for nothing have I been called the 'Gok Wan' of the Anglican Church. At last the chance for a real make-over!   Here is the traditional ordination outfit:  a black full length cassock, and a white surplice. Stand a lot... Continue Reading →

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