Engage brain… before inserting eyes!

So I haven’t being seeing very well for the last month… Why is this? I wondered? Old age? Eye strain brought on by too much blogging?

Nah, none of the above. 

I’ve been wearing my contact lenses in the wrong eyes… again!


I’ve made this mistake once before but on that occasion it only took me a couple of days to rectify the situation. This time, because I arrogantly refused to admit that I might have made the same mistake again, it took several weeks of diligently putting the ‘white pot’ lens in the right eye and the ‘blue pot’ lens in the left eye before a split lens forced me to start over with a fresh pair of lenses.  Clearly marked L and R these lenses made it into the correct eyes and ‘lo and behold’ I could see again!

(Yes I had been driving, worrying isn’t it.  Thankfully wearing my lenses in the wrong eyes doesn’t make a huge difference in the long distance but it does something very funny to the middle distance so looking at a set of supermarket shelves would make my head spin. Up close, it also made the words wobble about on a page or screen).

What I find amazing/amusing about this is just how very stubborn we are to admit we might be at fault.  Well okay, I’ll personalise that… just how stubborn I am.

Knowing that something dodgy was going on with my eyes I became ultra careful over the ‘white pot – ‘white’ eye’ routine. But no amount of caution over the process can remedy a faulty process. I’d clearly got it wrong one sleepy evening and I wasn’t going to see clearly again until I went back and put it right.

Here are some signs that I think I should hang up by my bathroom mirror:

2 thoughts on “Engage brain… before inserting eyes!

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  1. I love your writing, your honesty and that my stupidity is mirrored in others and I’m not alone with my faults. We should form a a new home for similar people called “Well duh!”

  2. Some years ago I had a short spell of double vision. Driving along the road there was a car parked either side. I could see four cars lined up in front of me, which two did I need to miss? Fortunately I closed one eye and the four cars became just two and I missed them both! The NHS Eye Clinic gave me a pair of glasses which removed the problem until my eyes returned to normal about two weeks later.

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