Live Life In Colour

This blog has been sadly lacking in any fashion content. Apologies if that’s what you have been looking for. To make amends this post is an unashamed plug for a company I have just discovered: Kettlewell. The above title is their strap line. 

The unique thing about this company is that their clothes are  ‘colour-coded’ . Each item comes in a range of colours but (here’s the clever bit) they tell you which season each colour is taken from. So if you know you are a winter then magneta, blackberry, midnight, teal or iced aqua could be some of the yummy colours to choose from. Similarly sienna, buttercups and geranium for springs or autumns and cornflour, tuape or blush pink for summers.

Don’t worry the colours are not just described in words – they come with pictures, how else would anyone know what colour ‘sienna’ is!

They don’t sell everything, the catalogue is mainly just tops and a few skirts and dresses and at first glance you might wince at the price but you need to know that what they do sell is very good. I saw a Kettlewell top in a beautifully rich colour  worn by someone who told me she had had it for 5 years – it looked brand new and the colour was still sharp and fresh. If you’re a tactile purchaser (you go round department stores feeling the fabric) be reassured, the jersey fabric on these tops is lovely and weighty and drapes well. 

Passing on this fashion tip does open up the possibility of an outbreak of Kettlewell clones amongst my friends and acquaintances. Such has been the case at theological college because a number of their tops lend themselves very well to being worn with a bib and dog collar but don’t worry without those two additions you will not be at risk of looking ‘vicar like’!  So, anyway, if you are coming out with me on social event in the near future… if you could just let me know what you’re wearing.

Final tip: their sale prices are good, keep an eye on the website for when a sale is on.

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