Petaflops, Qubits and God

This morning I did some brain training over breakfast.  I didn't mean to, I was quietly munching through my bowl of muesli and browsing through David's BBC Focus science magazine left open on the kitchen table.  So now I know what a petaflop is. I even have a rough idea about a Qubit which is not bad going for... Continue Reading →

‘Sex Life in Marriage’ 1948

A friend recently gave me a second hand book she knew I'd find interesting: Sex Life in Marriage by Dr G Richard, a swiss academic, published in 1948, selling at the time for the princely sum of  2 and 6 ( could some one please tell me what that means in real money?) Having written... Continue Reading →

Thinking Theological Thoughts…

At the end of April I was sucked up in a spaceship and dropped in St John's College Nottingham.  Okay, that's a slight exaggeration but moving  from parish to college is a very weird experience. One week my diary is  full of assemblies and meetings and my head is full of people and ideas. Then, whoosh, suddenly I'm writing assignments,... Continue Reading →

The ‘Phew’ Factor

Have you ever noticed how a normal day can be hugely improved simply by something bad nearly happening but not actually happening? This is what I mean by the 'Phew' Factor.  'Phew!' as in 'what a relief!' Not 'Phew!' as in 'What a pong!' There have been three occasions in the last two weeks when... Continue Reading →

When God’s not answering your prayers

Last week I preached on Signs and Wonders in the Early Church. But I have to be honest with you when I saw the reading for the day,  the story of Peter raising Dorcas from the dead, my heart sank. It’s a scary passage to preach on: as far as extreme discipleship goes raising the dead is right up... Continue Reading →

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