An easy way to healthy snacking

An article in this week’s Guardian was brought to my attention by The Sophia Network saying that teenage girls have the worst diets in the country. Apparently the more time you spend reading diet magazines about taking care of your body the more likely you are to be drinking sweet fizzy drink and eating high fat snacks.
What a stark example of the gap between aspiration and reality.
When my kids were teenagers I had a list inside the kitchen cupboard, the one they were most likely to open when they went to ‘graze’ for food. It said ‘Things you can eat when you are hungry’ and it included all the healthy things they could find in the kitchen to satisfy the ‘munchies’. Of course, the tricky bit was that you had to actually have those things in the cupboard and not have all the high-fat, high-sugar stuff. I never quite managed that!
Now my kids have grown up they don’t seem to have suffered that badly from an inconsistent mother but I have found a new way of ensuring that there are healthy snacks in my own cupboard for me. I have started having weekly boxes delivered from Each one costs £3 and contains four self contained snacks which I can choose from a huge selection. I loathe olives so I immediately took all of their olive snacks off my personal list. You can have dried fruit or fresh, lots of varieties of nuts and crackers and at 75p a snack it’s not much more than a chocolate bar and whole lot better for you. It’s fun not knowing what they might send and trying new things. You can rate each snack on how much you like or you can say the equivalent of ‘yuck, don’t send me this again!’.
If you’d like to try you can use this code and you’ll get your first box free and your second one half price. You can tell them to stop sending them any time
The code is: D4TMRPY

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