‘Vesper Sky’ Poetry and Song CD Recommendation


What a joy to come across this is utterly wonderful CD of 20 recordings: some are songs, some are poems, with and without music in the background, some are funny (‘Perfect Fit’ and ‘Somewhere in the Library’), some are heart-breakingly sad (‘Breakages’) but all of them have hope and all of them are clever and thought-provoking. The songs are gently folk style with acoustic guitar back-ground and piano, Yvonne’s voice reminds me of Amy Grant.  Sorry, I’m not much of a music reviewer… but the poems are fab! There are more poems than songs.

Stewart Henderson and his wife Carol took part in Sunday Worship which was broadcast from Keswick last Sunday. It was on the theme of Endurance and was one of the best Sunday morning services I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you BBC and Rev Charles Hope and Keswick St John. You can still hear it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00018sb

In this service Carol read the poem ‘Breakages’ which I found deeply moving on the theme of all the things that break us in life. I bought the recording for that poem alone but ‘Be The‘ is also a very powerful prayer for a life that to live … really live.

If you love poems, these two poems alone are worth the cost of the CD but as a bonus you have SO MUCH more richness. ‘Everything in Heaven‘ gave me a beautiful, peaceful perspective that everything that’s so difficult in this life, so knotty and complicated will one day be seen, understood, resolved, acknowledged. (In fact that poem alone is also worth the cost of the CD.)

Brilliant, just brilliant.

You can buy it here: https://stewart-henderson.com/shop/



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