Holy Land Pilgrimage – Galilee

I am just coming to the end of an 8 day journey through the Holy Land. We began in Galilee with three nights at the Pilgerhaus a retreat house on the shores of Lake Galilee. Highlights here included an swim as the sun came up, a boat trip out on to the ‘sea’ of Galilee, beautiful (and recently discovered) Magdala the village on the shore where we had very moving service and the mount of the Beatitudes. We also worshipped with local Christians on Epiphany Sunday in Nazareth, the town of Jesus’ childhood.

Galilee was peaceful, incredibly beautiful and a lovely beginning to following in the footsteps of Jesus. We were also making new friends with others in our group and hearing together the call to ‘Come follow me’.

We are travelling with Lightline Pilgrimages Lightline, I cannot recommend them too highly. It has all been excellently organised.

Part 2, Bethlehem and Part 3, Jerusalem, to follow.

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